In 2012, John and Vanessa believed they heard from God to “start a life-giving church.” Without knowing what that meant or how to begin, they enrolled with ARC (Association of Related Churches) for training, leadership and guidance. During that time, their paths crossed with The Father’s House in Vacaville California, which would later become Discovery’s covering church.

From 2012 until February 2014, John and Vanessa begin to assemble a launch team of individuals who would help with the launch of Discovery. For two years they met in rec rooms, a rented church space and various homes all in preparation for the launch of Discovery February 9, 2014.

Since the launch of Discovery, we have seen God do some amazing things: countless amounts of people find authentic community with one another, people coming to Christ and water baptism. We are confident that God is still writing our story and we believe the best is yet to come!