God is so FAITHFUL with what He has done in 2022! Thank you for participating with our mission to share the love of Jesus…no strings attached through: invitation, serving and generosity. Here is a little glimpse into what you were part of in 2022.

We are committed to creating a Sunday Environment where you don’t have to believe OR behave BEFORE you belong! Thank you for inviting your friends to experience the love of Jesus during our Sunday Worship Experience.


The percentage of increase we have seen in attendance in 2022.


The number of new households that call Discovery “Home” since 2022


The amount of decisions to make Jesus the boss of their lives over the course of 2022


The amount of people water baptized in 2022

We believe SAVED people SERVE people. Our volunteers are the real MVP’s of Discovery! We call our volunteers the Dream Team! Thank you for serving on the Dream Team.


The number of hours served on a Sunday in 2022


The number of new Dream Teamers serving in DiscoKids


The number of different areas where you can serve on a Sunday


The number of people that stepped into new leadership roles in 2022/2023

New Leadership Roles at Discovery

Ben & Ariane Bravo

Worship Lead

Mark Dedekam

Elder / Spiritual Formation

John & Debbie Bender

Group Lead

Larissa Navarez

Dream Team Lead

Naomi Schimmer

Event Lead

We also added 3 Ministry Pastors in 2022

Janice Lal

Culture Pastor

Judy Salgado

Connection Pastor

Mike Peterson

Outreach Pastor

We strive to be a church that lives with our hands open. Thank you for your generosity in 2022.

In 2022, the total amount given through Tithe & Offering:


(does not include amount given from The Legacy Offering)





The total amount given through Legacy of Hope Offering on Sunday December 11, 2022


$4,000.00 = SOZO Student Ministry

$4,000.00 = Sarah Estrada/InterVarsity

$5,000 = Discovery Projects
*New Water Heater
*HVAC Return for Auditorium
*Updated DiscoKid’s Checkin
*Complete venting for restrooms

Additional areas made possible through your generosity


The amount you gave towards SOZO Student Ministry throughout the year


The amount given to send our DiscoYTH to Conference