As we have moved 100% online, our goal is to create a live, engaging Online Worship Experience where our viewers can encounter the life-changing presence of the Holy Spirit. We are looking for individuals who would like to be part of our Live Studio Audience.

A Live Studio Audience will help create energy, excitement and engagement as we continue our season of Church Online. Below are a few important details if you are interested in being part of a Live Studio Audience:

  • REGISTRATION: To participate as a Live Studio Audience you must register for a FREE ticket. Registration for tickets will be available on Wednesdays at 8:00 am for the up-coming Sunday taping.
  • WAIVERS: We ask that each Studio Audience attendees over the age of 18, sign a COVID-19 waiver freeing Discovery Church from any legal ramifications should the attendee catch COVID-19 while attending a live taping. You can download our Waiver form HERE.
  • MASKS: We ask that all Studio Audience attendees wear a mask upon entering, finding a seat as well as exiting the live taping. We strongly encourage mask wearing during the live taping however, that will be left up to each individual attendee.